Small enterprises

Small enterprises - World Cup 2022

Let the EURO 2020 come to life even more within your company by organizing a fantasy football for your office. Let employees compete with each other by predicting the results of the European Championship. Which colleague will be the best predictor of the results? Who has guessed the top scorer of the tournament well? Who guesses the winning country? Think up great prizes for the winners and put them in the spotlight!

The fantasy football software offers the following possibilities:

  • organise a football fantasy for your enterprise, exclusively or public
  • invite colleagues via mail, whatsapp or facebook
  • easy-to-use software for everybody
  • you can set your own prizes for the winners
  • upload your own company logo and colors

You already have an office fantasy of 50 to 100 employees and you want to upgrade? No problem. With a Bronze package 50 employees can participate in the pool and with a Silver package 100 employees can compete against each other. Make the fantasy football exclusive by only registering employees with a specific domain name. Give the game the look & feel of your company with the colors of your company and upload your company logo.

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